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Testimonials from Fans and Clients

Mr. Wiz the Magician performed for my daughter’s 4th bday party. My daughter and all the guest were enjoyed every moment of the show. She was still talking about even weeks after. The price was very inexpensive. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Katherine G

We hired Javier Arillaga aka Mr. Wiz the Magician for Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Children’s Holiday Party. Mr. Wiz the Magician was extremely professional, arrived early and his magic show was AMAZING! The kids went crazy when he brought out a live rabbit! His magic show was first class and was the THE HIT of the entire party! I would highly recommend Mr. Wiz the Magician. The quality of his magic show far surpassed other magic shows I have seen. Also, he was extremely helpful and accommodating when we ran a little behind on the timing for his magic show. I cannot say enough how amazing Mr. Wiz’s magic show was. He even made it Christmas themed because this was a children’s holiday party. I will be hiring him again in the future because he was just EXCELLENT!!!

Alexis C

Thank you for saving the day!
Kids loved you and you had their all attention. You will be remembered!

Marie H

The show was real fun for the kids and adults, very interactive, the Magician was prompt at the specified time.
All the guests had a lot of fun. Mr. Wiz made my 40th Birthday celebration a magical one!

Nico C

He was great the kids loved it.

Marie P

We hired Mr. Wiz to entertain about 25 young children who were attending an adult charity event. During the speech portion of the event the children went into an adjacent room with adult volunteers to watch Mr. Wiz. The kids were throughly entertained and came back excitied to tell us all about it. I high recommend Mr. Wiz for your next party!

Marilyn Brooks, Children’s Cancer Caring Center, Inc.

Mr. Wiz performed at my five-year-old twin’s birthday party in September, and his show made our afternoon an absolute success. Amazing with children, Mr. Wiz captured (and kept) their attention with his humor and pure magic. Even though we had a rowdy crowd, he mesmerized the audience and really made the birthday a huge hit.

Mr. Wiz also was professional and timely in-planning (confirming the date, birthday girl details, setting expectations for the show) as well during the entire event. I whole heartedly recommend Mr. Wiz and his magic show!


Mr. Wiz was great! We had a classroom of 30 kids ranging from ages 3-5 and there were many laughs, many participants allowed to assist in tricks, and over all a very kid friendly experience. That kids loved the bird out of an empty bag, rabbit out of a hat and the other tricks performed. There were more than 10 tricks performed. It was a great time and the birthday boy certainly felt special.
Thank you for making my sons birthday so great. I totally recommend him!

Aixa M

I hired Mr. Wiz the magician for my son’s 5th birthday party. I am a happy customer, since everything we wanted done was.
He was on time, tricks and magic was very entertaining and I am truly believe it was money well spent.
Thank you, Mr. Wiz.

Galina S

My granddaughter’s birthday was a success. What a delight. I will never forget this birthday.
Mr. Wiz was so friendly and the show was so appropriate. The kids were all participating throughout the show which I think lasted between 35 to 45 minutes. We were deciding between a magician and a clown. I am so happy we made the right choice. I heard from the other parents and her teachers that for 2 days after the birthdate, all the kids were still talking about my granddaughter’s birthday and the “magician”.
Thank you for being so nice!

G.T. from Hendersonville, Tennessee

I asked Mr. Wiz the magician to come to my daughter’s 4th birthday at her preschool. He had a magnificent and very entertaining show. The kids absolutely loved the show. He engaged all the kids and made sure each one had a chance to either participate or say the “magic word”. There was so much laughter. The kids loved the shrinking glove and of course the rabbit at the end. I was very happy I found Mr. Wiz and I will make sure I recommend him to everyone who has a birthday coming. He is also priced very reasonably.
Thank you Mr. Wiz.
A very happy Mom!

Samira N

Thank you Mr. Wiz for a great show. It made my son’s seventh birthday party truly special.
We had 23 children there and they all loved it. A lot of parents did too. My son Quinn, is still talking about the rabbit that appeared and now he wants to be a magician. One of his friends told his mother that it wasn’t illusions that it was REAL magic.

Again, thank you for being prompt, professional and most of all, fun.

If we ever decide to have another magic show at a party we would not hesitate to book you again.

Olin B

Mr. Wiz is PHENOMENAL! I have only heard great things about the show! Everybody loved you!!!

He entertained at my daughter’s Halloween birthday and was extremely professional right on time, encouraged the entire audience (kids and adults) to participate, had a variety of acts – and plus, when he found out the theme for the party, he customized the show just for that! I really can not say enough to praise for him. He put on a fantastic show!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a magician for a children’s party.

Mary E

Thank you so much for entertaining us at my daughter’s 3rd birthday party yesterday.The children were captivating and the adults were entertained too!
You and your staff were so flexible and professional. I was pretty nervous trying to get everything together, but you made the entertainment part of the party a breeze!

The bunny in the box was magical finale.

We love it, and thanks again!

Julie R

If you are looking for a magician, I would highly recommend Mr. Wiz. My name is Gary and I contacted Mr. Wiz to help me with proposing to my girlfriend. At every point of interaction he consistently remained in communication.

He was able to answer all of my questions and he was very easy to work with.

I booked Mr. Wiz to perform at a local Murfreesboro, TN elementary school (April 1, 2010). His magic show was very creative and he had the children engaged for approximately 30 minutes.
Mr. Wiz’s show was interactive.

The children were asked to participate several times throughout the performance.


Mr. Wiz is certain a wizard on all fronts that matter when it comes to putting together and performing a show that pleases, engages and entertains children and adults alike. He kept everyone laughing, interacting and guessing at our three-year-old’s birthday party.

Mr. Wiz and his assistant were personable, professional and a popular hit for everyone in attendance.

Not only he is competitively priced when it comes to services of this sort, Mr. Wiz is clearly committed to his craft and customer service. He communicated at every turn, from the moment we inquired about his services to weeks before the event to the day of the party itself.

He was punctual. And he left us with no disappointments.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Wiz for anyone looking to add a bit of extra humor and excitement to their event, be a child’s birthday party, an outing at a library or any other family-friendly event.

Mr. And Mrs. Edwards

Firstly he was very professional and provided an awesome show for my six year old daughter at her school.
The kids loved the show and I must say I was very pleased with his service as well.

Aurelis V

Mr Wiz was very entertaining, punctual, and very professional.

Fabiola J

Very professional. Recommend for kids’ birthday parties. I had a birthday party for my grandson who turned 4.
Children who attended party ranged from ages 2 years -10 years. They were all very entertained by Mr. Wiz’s magic show which was very interactive. He made birthday boy feel very special by allowing him to participate in a magic trick in which he made his own birthday cupcake (was able to accommodate request for peanut-free ingredients). At the end of the show, he made a bunny appear and all children had the opportunity to hold bunny and have picture taken with bunny. Great entertainment for very reasonable price.
Thanks, Mr. Wiz!

Beatriz K

Mr. Wiz perform at my son Halloween birthday party and all the kids love the show and they had a blast!!!!!!!

Jessica S

Mr. Wiz was outstanding from beginning to end. His involvement with the children was well liked and the children felt they were part of the show. The finale with the live animal was the favorite of all, were the children were able to pet and take pictures as a lasting memory.
I would greatly recommend Mr. Wiz to any kids occassion.
You will not go wrong!

Lourdes M

He was on time and arrived with everything he needed to provide the kids a great entertaining show. He has wit, humor and their attention for nearly an hour. The kids enjoyed the interaction, tricks but most of all the finale.
There were picture opportunities and the parents even enjoyed the show.
Thank you!

Ines M

I hired Mr. Wiz for my son’s 6th birthday party.  The children really really enjoyed the magic show, boys and girls ages 3 – 10.
Javier was easy to communicate with, giving out both his email and phone number and responding promptly to both.
I recommend Mr. Wiz for your next party.

Meghan S

You are the best and a true asset and professional.


Mr. Wiz was easy to communicate with regarding the show and the time during our son’s birthday party.  Also, very affordable and prompt.
His show was perfect for our small crowd of 5-6 year olds + their parents – my son and his friends went wild over the rabbit trick at the end!

Heather C

I would recommend Mr Wiz to anyone having a party!
Very entertaining!
The kids will remember Mr Wiz for a long time!

Tamara H

Mr. Wiz was AMAZING. The party was for our 9 year old daughter. We had about 40 people of all ages. The children thought it was hilarious and loved the magic.
The adults were just as entertained. Mr. Wiz was very good with the children. A fabulous time was had by all.

Melinda S

It was funny and mysterious.

William H

What an amazing evening for both kids and adults. I would highly recommend you hiring Mr. Wiz for your event.
Have never seen anyone that measures up to him.

Debbie T - Cub Scout Pack 99

As a Cubmaster of a Cub Scout Pack you want to have a great program for the boys at a Blue and Gold event.   Mr. Wiz performed that and much more.

His ability to work with kids was excellent. If you are looking for a Magician look no further, Mr Wiz is the one.
Thank you again for a great time.

George T - Cub Scout Pack 99

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