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Mr Wiz the Magician is available for Blue and Gold Banquets, Pack Meetings and Celebrations


mr wiz the magician blue and gold cub scouts

A great way to top off an evening of fun, food, and awards!

Blue stands for truth and spirituality, steadfast loyalty and the sky above.
The Gold represents sunlight, good cheer and happiness.

The Blue and Gold banquet is one of our most exciting events of the year, because it is a Birthday party for Cub Scouting in which all pack families can take part.

The banquet is held in February, the anniversary month of the Boy Scouts of America. The pack’s big celebration gets its name from the Cub Scout colors, Blue and Gold.

Mr. Wiz’s magic shows are perfect for Blue and Gold Banquets as well as for special Pack Meetings and celebrations.

His shows are tailored to the Scouts and their families. Fun and laughter are guaranteed during Mr. Wiz’s magic shows.

His shows combine amazing magic with comedy and include audience participation. Packed with solid entertainment, his show will keep not just the Scouts but also the parents amazed and amused.

Mr. Wiz Works With You
He works with you to make your event a success
Pack meeting running a few minutes late?
No worries, Mr. Wiz understands!
Within reason he will be happy to work with you and wait while you hand out the awards that the Scouts worked so diligently for or while you deal with whatever has delayed the starting time for his show.

Book Your Show NOW!

certificate of recognition to mr wiz the magician from cub scouts pack 99 blue and gold banquet
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