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javier arrillaga magician holding rabbit


Mr. Wiz the Magician, based in the North Central Florida area, has been performing magic for over two decades.  His love for the art was sparked when Javier Arrillaga a/k/a Mr. Wiz the Magician, saw a magic show on television at the tender age of 7.  He practiced his magic with the intensity that musicians practice their instruments and before long his performances were in demand by family and friends.  His ability to entertain children made him known to many and soon his children’s entertainment career
took off.

At age 19, Mr. Wiz performed what he considers his first professional show.  Nearly 2 decades later, he astonishes audiences even more with the complexity and ingenuity of his tricks.  He has entertained audiences in various regions of the country from South Florida to the North Florida Panhandle, from Middle Tennessee to Georgia and many other areas.  

Mr. Wiz performs magic shows for all types of events, but he specializes in shows for children’s shows because of his innate ability to entertain them and is seen performing regularly at birthday parties, schools, libraries, daycares, learning, centers, and public parks.

Contact Mr. Wiz today to reserve the day and time for entertainment at your special event. 

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