Does Mr. Wiz perform for adults?

Even though Mr. Wiz specializes in children magic shows he has done shows for adults.

This includes at assisted living facilities, hospitals, and adult birthday parties where the entertainment was provided focus on the children attending.

Does Mr. Wiz perform outdoors?


Mr. Wiz often performs outdoors such as backyards, parks, and other outdoor places.

A shaded area where the performance will take place is needed for the comfort of Mr. Wiz and the safety of his live animals.

Whenever is possible, Mr. Wiz suggests having the show indoors since this will provide a better environment and with fewer distractions such as unnecessary noises, bugs, and other distractions!

Everyone will enjoy the show better indoors.

Does Mr. Wiz need anything or are there any special requirements for his show?

Mr. Wiz is self-contained and he brings everything he needs including tables, a backdrop (depending on venue),
and a sound system (if needed).

Please provide the following:

1. The children that will be watching the show

2. A performance area at least 4ft x 6ft wide. Most people use their largest room and/or largest available area.

3. An adult. At least one adult, besides Mr. Wiz, must be present in the room at all times.
Mr. Wiz strongly recommends having the adults and kids watch the show together at the same time.
Doing so will eliminate distractions and the parents will have fun watching the kids and the show as well!

My child is shy, is that a problem?

Not at all!

Mr. Wiz has worked with very shy kids over the years.

It’s not unusual for kids to be skeptical and a bit shy at first. However, five minutes into the show,
most kids are usually laughing and having so much fun, they’ve lost all shyness and are eager to come up and help!

However, no child is ever pressured to be part of the show or join Mr. Wiz on stage.

How many children can I have at my event?

There is no limit on the number of children you can have at your event for Mr. Wiz the Magician to perform for. Just let him know ahead of time approximately how many will be in attendance so he can have an idea.

Of course, there is also the “big” children (adults) that will be watching the show too 🙂

Can I have a joint birthday party with another child?


Having a joint birthday party is no problem. Mr. Wiz will make both the star of the show!

Is Mr. Wiz’s show age appropriate?


Mr. Wiz specializes in performing for children and family audiences. He uses clean, family-friendly humor to entertain!
He never embarrasses anyone and the show is all made of fun and comedy.

Can Mr. Wiz cater to children with special needs?

Of course!

Please let Mr. Wiz know ahead of time if any of the children have special needs so that he can prepare the show to accommodate those needs. While, as with all live performances, it’s not always possible to accommodate every special need.

He is able to adjust some aspects of his performance to cater to certain needs.

Kids with special needs should be accompanied by and/or sit with an adult or guardian if there is concern they may not be able to sit through the performance and/or comply with Mr. Wiz’s rules (staying off the stage or out of the immediate performance area, staying seated so others can see, being respectful during the performance, etc.).

If you have any questions or concerns about children with special needs, please talk to us before booking your performance.
Thank You!

Does Mr. Wiz perform outside the Central FL Area?

Yes, Mr. Wiz performs all over!
Most often, he performs in the Kissimmee and Orlando areas, including Polk County, Osceola County, Orange County, and other counties and cities within the Central Florida area.

For performances outside the area, additional travel and/or lodging allowances are required.
Contact Mr. Wiz for details.

When do I pay for Mr. Wiz’s Show?

Mr. Wiz the Magician does not require a deposit to reserve a time and date.
Payment is due after the show on the day of the show.
Payments may be made via cash or check.
Checks may be made out to “Javier Arrillaga.”