Magic Classes

Mr. Wiz’s Magic School – Magic Classes for Kids in Orlando, FL and Surrounding Areas

Worried that your child might be too old for a children’s magic show?
No problem!

Through Mr. Wiz’s experience of performing for kids, he knows that children ages 8 to 11 enjoy watching magic, but they really get into learning the secrets behind the tricks!

The magic class starts with Mr. Wiz performing a few tricks he doesn’t tell the secrets to! This will pique the children’s interest and get them curious to learn how it was done! That’s when the real learning starts. Magic School is in session!

After Mr. Wiz demonstrates each trick, he’ll teach the method behind the trick, and then the kids get a few minutes to practice before moving on to the next one.

Mr. Wiz’s Magic Class is an interactive, hands-on experience for everyone who attends! A fun and creative time for kids who’ll actually be active in creating magic for themselves.

You don’t even have to make your own goody bags. The great thing about the class is that, at the end, every child gets a literal bag of tricks, a how-to manual, and other magical delights! Over an hour of entertainment and fun!

Private magic classes are also available. Mr. Wiz is more than happy to conduct private magic classes on a one-on-one basis or for smaller groups.

Bring Mr. Wiz to teach a magic class for a creative and original way to excite kids ages eight and up!

Get in touch with the award winning magician, Mr. Wiz, to get all the detailed information and to book your time and date.