Cub Scout Shows

Magician for Blue and Gold Banquets, Pack Meetings and Celebrations

Mr. Wiz’s magic shows are great for Blue and Gold Banquets as well as for special pack meetings and celebrations. Because it’s a birthday party for Cub Scouts, Mr. Wiz’s show is a great way to highlight an evening full of laughter, fine-dining, and awards!

The gathering takes place in February, the anniversary month of the Boy Scouts of America. The pack name of Blue and Gold get its name from the Scout colors. Blue represents honesty, faith, steadfastness and the blue sky above. The Gold stands for happiness, being cheerful, and the light which shines from the sun.

Inspiration and fun is guaranteed during Mr. Wiz’s Cub Scout shows. All attending members, including both families and scout members can participate. Packed with solid entertainment, his show will keep not just the Scouts astonished and laughing but the parents as well.

 You can be assured that his uplifting, quick-paced magic show is specially created for Blue and Gold Cub Scout banquets. You’ll have your kids inspired by Mr. Wiz’s example of persistent determination. Kids will see what’s required to overcome their struggles and keep their faith in the future.
Mr. Wiz will work with you to make sure your event a success!

Is your pack meeting running a little late?
No worries, Mr. Wiz understands!
He’ll be happy to wait a few minutes so that you can pass out the awards that the Scouts have worked so hard for. Whatever delay, Mr. Wiz will be happy to work with you.

Contact Mr. Wiz today to reserve him for any of your cub scouts events in Central Florida.

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