Mr. Wiz is a kid show specialist

He is known for making children’s birthday parties a success!
He focuses on making your child feel special and making your child’s special day memorable, exciting,
amazing and full of fun and laughter.


To accomplish his goal, he has choreographed a show which runs 40 to 45 minutes in length and includes comedy, lots of audience participation and fun.
Is a family friendly show!

Mr. Wiz magic birthday show includes live animals magical appearances including
Little Spot, a live bunny rabbit that your child will make appear out of nowhere, magically!

Your child will make the magic happen right before their eyes.
Mr. Wiz will also make sure that everyone gets to meet Oreo up close.
After the appearance not only will your child be able to get up close and personal with the bunny and
have their picture taken together, but all of your child’s guests will have the opportunity to pet the bunny and have their picture taken if they wish.
It is a great FREE photo opportunity, a Kodak moment!
At the end of the show, the birthday child receives a FREE MAGIC GIFT.

Your Easiest Birthday Party Ever!


Have NO FEAR, Mr. Wiz the Magician is here!

Tired of looking for good party ideas?
Dreading the thought of entertaining 15 or more of your child’s friends or chasing pizza covered children around an arcade?

Once Mr. Wiz arrives, you can sit back and enjoy the show.
It just might be the most stress free birthday party you have ever had.

The show can be performed anywhere; inside or outside; although performing indoors will provide a better show experience.

If your child’s birthday is being celebrated outside the home at some other facility, Mr. Wiz has extensive experience at performing in parks, restaurants, clubhouses, meeting/conference rooms, by a swimming pool, libraries, hospitals, at gyms, churches, and cafes.

As the busiest kid’s birthday party magician in the Central Florida area his schedule fills up very quickly. To avoid missing out on the date and time you want, book your show now!


Receive FREE just for inquiring
Mr. Wiz’s How To Plan a Kid’s Magic Birthday Party Guide
Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Successful Magic Birthday Party


Interested in Magic Goody Bags* ?
This goody bags are packed with fun and easy to do magic tricks, puzzles, candies, and more!

They are a great addition to your party!
The best part is that they come pack and ready to give away!

* The goody bags include small parts that may be a hazard for children 4 and younger and should be distributed only at the parent’s discretion.