Mr. Wiz the Magician; also known as Javier Arrillaga; has over twenty years of experience entertaining kids as a full-time, award-winning, professional magician. He will be sure to wow your kids through the power and wonder of magic.

Mr. Wiz performs magic for all types of events, specializing in children’s shows such as birthday parties, schools, libraries, day cares, learning centers, and public parks.

Because of his natural ability to entertain children, along with the lively audience participation and usage of different live animals in the show (including a live rabbit!),

Mr. Wiz’s shows will be sure to mesmerize your kids.
All of Mr. Wiz’s shows are a little different from each other and can be personalized with a custom theme or message for that particular time of year.

At the tender age of 7, Mr. Wiz’s love for the art was sparked when he saw a magic show on television. This show put such a deep spell on him that he started practicing magic with the intensity that maybe a painter player practices their craft.
It didn’t take long before his performances were in demand by friends and family. His magical ability to entertain children began to be known by many and his entertainment career launched. Nearly two decades later, he continues to astonish audiences with the same passion and complexity of tricks and illusions.

Mr. Wiz is currently offering his magical services to the Central Florida area.
In the past, he’s entertained people in different parts of the country such as South Florida, the North Florida Panhandle, Middle Tennessee, Georgia and many other areas. He has performed thousands of magic shows.

Contact Mr. Wiz today to reserve the time and day of your special event.
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mr wiz holding real rabbit used for magic tricks